Portable Washing Machines

Portable Washing Machines – The Cure For The Wash Day Blues

Have you thought about getting one of those portable washing machines? Until a short while ago I didn’t even know they existed. Now I don’t know how I ever lived without one.

If you’re anything like me you hate going to the laundromat. What a hassle and waste of time. It can blow the better part of a day and honestly I hate pumping in all those quarters. I see moms that have to drag their kids with them too and they really have my sympathy.

Until recently I lived in a house that was big enough to have a standard washer and dryer in it. Sure, I remembered years back having to do wash in a public laundromat and hating it but it was like a long past bad dream.

My living situation changed and I had to move to an apartment and was once again stuck with this unpleasant task. But one day I was browsing on Amazon and much to my surprise found portable washing machines there. I thought it was a great idea and started to research and compare them and eventually I bought a compact washing machine. Let me tell you why I decided to buy one of those portable washing machines.

Portable Washing Machines Make Life Easier And Save Money

Portable Washing Machines For Apartments - HLP21N Pulsator 1-Cubic-Foot Portable WasherFirst I am not lazy but since I work at home I was losing far more than the cost of doing a wash. I would try to run errands in between loads but I felt chained to those machines. Lets face it in today’s busy world no one really has time to waste spending half the day at the laundromat.

Portable washing machines can set you free from all of that. Now I do wash at my convenience and in the comfort of my own home. I save all the time running around and free it up to work or do other chores or even just relax.

The nice thing is portable washing machines aren’t real expensive either and I figured out that they pay for themselves pretty fast too. That was probably the main reason I decided to buy one. But convenience and keeping your sanity is hard to put a price on too.

Portable washing machines are easy to use. They have rollers so you can actually move them easily around the house. You can store them in a closet when you aren’t using them and they have a small footprint which is why portable washing machines for apartments are so great for those of us stuck living in one.

They plug into any standard electric outlet. All you need is a sink and you’re in business. They hook up easily to just about any faucet with a special adapter.

Portable washing machines are probably one of the greatest labor saving devices you can buy and the time they free up for you is priceless. I was a bit skeptical of the quality of portable washing machines and how long thy would last but in the end buying one turned out to be a great decision.

So if you hate going to the laundromat as much as I did and want to get your time back click here to find out more about portable washing machines, washer dryer combos and which one I chose.

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